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Nancy Casey

About Me

In 2013, when Nancy met with her real estate agent over some coffee at Moose and Sadie’s, she had no idea the woman across the table would eventually be her business partner. Claire Killen and Emerald Real Estate helped with the Casey’s move from Arizona to Minnesota a few years ago and after interviewing with several large real estate companies, Nancy realized she had everything she wanted right in front of her. Claire asked if she wanted to join Emerald Realty and the pair have been a successful duo ever since.

Nancy was a real estate agent in Arizona for over 30 years and still does business there on rare occasions – looking at you, snowbirds. She’s been a full-time real estate agent in Minnesota since 2013 and prefers the variety of work afforded to her at Emerald Real Estate. She understands that people’s needs change and are different from day to day. She loves adjusting to those needs in order to provide the best possible experience for her clients.

Nancy is truthful, and will tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear. She goes above and beyond so frequently for her clients that it really isn’t considered above and beyond anymore – it’s just the norm. If there is any way that she can improve the chances of selling your house, she will do it. Nancy takes a personal approach to every client she has and really wants to form a relationship with you in order to get the best possible outcome. She believes that in order to buy or sell a home for her clients, she needs to genuinely get to know them in order to tailor her approach to their lifestyle.

If you don’t like feeling like you’re just another sale, then talk to Nancy.

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