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Adam McIntyre Barn

Agent / Marketing Manager |

About Me

Adam McIntyre-Barn, Emerald Real Estate’s everything man. His passion to look after clients and help them find the best property for their needs. He also keeps Emerald up to date with technology, social media presence and much more. Working primarily in the Great Minneapolis & St.Paul markets, you’ll be sure Adam will be working hard to ensure your transaction completes smoothly.

When you are in the beginning phases of looking for a house, the same old boring pictures on a website don’t exactly give you the best understanding of the property. Adam takes a different approach. He likes to capture videos of the homes from angles that make sense and give you a realistic view of the property. He is constantly searching the web for the newest products and gadgets to give Emerald an edge.

His efforts and understanding of new age technology give Emerald Real Estate something that most real estate companies can’t offer: connectivity with the younger demographic.

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